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Simulation-Based Webinar

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In this webinar on unconscious biases, Dr Tulika Pandit takes us through the journey of navigating unconscious biases in the workplace - designed as an experiential learning activity where learning, action, and reflection combine for better learning and takeaways.

What will you learn?

  • Transform knowledge into action by engaging in an interactive simulation. Learn actionable strategies for a structured approach to combat biases.

  • Discover how simulation-based learning can equip you with practical tools to lead inclusively, fostering a bias-free workplace.

  • Identify biases and establish a structured approach that you can rely on to make more mindful and objective decisions at work.

Know your Facilitator

Dr Tulika Pandit is a certified ICF Coach, NLP practitioner, Facilitator and Coach with over 16 years of experience mentoring in the biggest corporates and Institutions in India.

With a PhD in Management, from the University of Florida, and experience in entrepreneurship, Dr Tulika currently contributes to experimenting and developing new methods for various forms of life coaching.

Certified by KNOLSKAPE, Dr Tulika takes us into the world of Unconscious Biases Simulation, one of the most impactful and engaging VILT (virtual instructor-led training). 

Who Should Attend?

  • Learning and development managers
  • HR managers
  • Leaders (designed for first-time managers and senior leaders)
  • High-potential employees

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A Glimpse of Simulation-Based Webinar


Phase 1: Learn

We start by understanding the intricacies of unconscious biases. It includes groundbreaking concepts and frameworks, gaining insights into our current practices, discovering new horizons in unconscious biases and a lot more.

This phase sets the stage for a transformative experience. 


Phase 2: Act

Enter the simulation lasting 60 minutes. Assume a role, tackle objectives, and strive to meet targets in a captivating environment designed to mirror real-world scenarios.

Transform learning into immediate, actionable strategies for navigating unconscious biases.


Phase 3: Reflect

Download your individual report, a comprehensive analysis of your simulation performance. Uncover what went well, explore alternative approaches, and receive tailored feedback. 

Gain valuable insights for ongoing performance and cultural development at your workplace.